Effortless Backend Management

KoalaOps creates and manages a modern k8s-based development platform, with minimal effort from your side, implementing best practices and “golden paths”, by orchestrating the best-of-breed open source and enterprise tools in the industry.

Our goal is to make building and running services on Kubernetes as easy as any other PaaS, but on your cloud and with all the power and flexibility of Kubernetes. We don’t lock you in because we set up these tools for you, on your cloud, and keep managing them for you through our Developer Portal.

Guiding principles

  • Best practices by default (smart rollout, secret management, monitoring, alerts, etc, etc)
  • Always flexible - we support multiple tools in each category and every tool or configuration can be overridden
  • Transparency - everything is done in your own repo and cloud with your full control.
  • No lock-in to your cloud provider, Koala, or any other 3rd party provider.
  • Get going (e.g. creating a new service) in minutes, not days

Main Features

  • Service catalog
  • Start with our templates or bring your own repo with Dockerfile
  • CI/CD pipeline (to test, build, upload artifacts and deploy the service)
  • GitOps with ArgoCD
  • Smart rollouts - simply choose from recommended strategies such as Canary or Blue-Green, and we’ll make it happen
  • Manage multiple environments - with recommended setups out of the box, but always customizable. Manage the path from dev, staging and production, as well as spin up ephemeral environments on demand
  • Full Observability stack (Logging, Monitoring, Tracing)
  • Alerts (via PagerDuty, Slack, SMS)
  • GitHub integration
  • Env var management
  • Secret management
  • Ingress - configure networking to each environment of the service
  • TLS - we automate certificate provisioning for secure connections

Developer Portal

Our dev portal comes with batteries included; no need to spend months and years building out the logic under the hood - that’s what we do! We take care of the 80% common use cases, empowering you to focus on the 20% that are really unique and challenging for your company.

Because we understand how things are set up, we supercharge your platform with:

  • GenAI-based chat assistant that is tailored to your actual setup, code and architecture, helping you get information, debug and perform even more of the long-tail actions and configurations that are not surfaced directly in the UI.
  • Centralized control, insights and management capabilities for your backend services, while safely delegating self-service operations to each dev team.

Getting Started

Transitioning from platforms like Heroku or Elastic Beanstalk? We’ve got you covered. Already running your services on Kubernetes? We integrate with your existing tools to avoid yet another painful migration. We’ll get you up and running with a top-notch, fully flexible backend services developer environment in minutes instead of investing months of effort setting everything up.

We’re Here for You

Our dedicated team is available to assist with your Koala adoption every step of the way. We’ll configure your new environment alongside your existing setup for a hassle-free transition.