The KoalaOps ChatOps Assistant is available in the context of a specific Service. You can find the assistant in the “ChatOps” tab of any of your services. The assistant is fully aware of your service’s configuration out of the box.

You can freely interact with the KoalaOps ChatOps assistant as you would with another chat based AI interface. You can create new threads by clicked the ”+” sign and your recent history is available in case you’d like to review previous conversations. The KoalaOps assistant is usually able to answer your questions within a few seconds. In rare cases, especially when code generation is involved, it may take the assistant up to two minutes to generate a reply.

Common Examples

Here are some ideas for use cases that the Koala ChatOps Assistant can help you with:

  • Help me debug errors in production. For example, try asking it about the log below. After it provides the log analysis, ask it to increase your CPU resources by 50%. Example Log Message:
"2024-01-15T10:30:15.123Z [Warning] ResourcePressure: The pod 'koala-backed-pod-1' is experiencing high CPU utilization and there is insufficient CPU capacity available in the cluster."
  • Answering questions about your configuration, for example: “What are the internal and external ports that are in use by my service?”
  • Make changes to your configuration: “Change the host address of my dev environment to”.